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At Moremartson, we are made of MORE.

We provide complete luxury legal outfits plus many more legal accessories, specializing in Legal Robes & Gowns, Wigs for all legal practitioners. We dress the Judiciary, Senior Advocates, members of the Queens Bench, Barristers and ensure that Law School graduates from all over the world look their best at their Call to Bar ceremonies.  Moremartson provides luxury legal outfits that are fashionably stylish whilst remaining elegantly enduring.

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The Nobilis wig is made with refined and professionally processed horse hair giving it a durable, courtly and classy look. The Nobilis is perfect for young lawyers looking to stand out from their peers.

The Honoris wig is made for the discerning lawyer with an eye for detail. The Honoris is completely made with a carefully processed bull cow tail, giving it a soft and graceful appearance.

This Dignitis is as the name implies, ‘dignified.’ This elegant wig is made from stallion horsetail hair, specially crafted by master craftsmen with vast wealth of experience and is perfect for senior lawyers with an eye for the aesthetic

This grandeur wig with deep rooted history in London Inns of Court is made from colt horsetail hair, painstakingly crafted by master craftsmen with vast wealth of experience, thus giving the wig a grand and sophisticated outlook. A properly maintained Granditas has a life span of over 30 years.

The Majestas is a sophisticated wig that has carved a niche for itself in London where it originated.  A properly maintained Majestas has a life span of over 30 years. The wig has a peak and full round shape, it comes in shade of white, cream, and grey with traces of glittery fibres, suspended back nap with full curls, and pronounced wig front curves.

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